Hi, I’m Phil– a UX/UI Design Principal working in the Detroit Metro area.

…and I love breaking the rules for Fortune 500 companies! Scroll down to see a snapshot of the places I’ve been and a few of my favorite projects.



Conceptualized, led and designed Cheetos (project codename), an application that enabled users to manage their health care on any screen in the home. In collaboration with Microsoft, Cheetos was designed for and worked on devices including Windows Phone, Surface Tablets, Windows PC & Laptops, and the TV via XBOX One.

Almost Midnight Games

Sideshow Swap!

Sideshow Swap!™ is an original, party-style card game with purposefully built suspenseful play. Nearly all aspects of game creation and design were my idea or heavily influenced by me. Leveraging proven user experience processes during development (including tons of testing), this game became exceptionally well balanced, easy for nearly anyone to learn and play, and crescendos into a delightful finale every time.


Country Music Calendar & Matchmaker

I designed and developed the Chevy Country Music Calendar in association with CMT – the first time the print calendar had a digital counterpart. Also shown is Chevy Matchmaker – a site that I came up with, designed and developed to ease the transition for loyalists from the discontinued Saturn brand to Chevrolet by showing owners that features they love existed in other products.


Point of Care Assist

This ground-breaking achievement for UnitedHealthcare added real-time patient information — including clinical, pharmacy, labs, prior authorization, and cost transparency — to existing electronic medical records (EMRs) by integrating directly into 3rd party platforms and surfacing in the workflow when meaningful. As the senior user experience manager for Point of Care Assist, it was my responsibility to deliver a world-class experience that worked for a broad user group in a variety of clinical settings.


Optum Assist

Optum Assist was designed to help improve workplace well-being for global employers by connecting people to confidential, in-the-moment care for a variety of needs. This was the first app to be released with Optum’s new brand look and feel and offered a number of enhancements over its predecessor including personalization and tailored content.



Link is a cloud-based, customizable provider (doctor office) portal that allows users to complete and track multiple types of transactions in a single environment without having to constantly enter the same information, resulting in significant time savings. The concept designs I created helped drive the evolution of the product which I eventually managed. As of 2018, Link was in use by over 1 million people monthly.

General Motors

Mobile Showrooms

Among the apps that were released by General Motors during my tenure as Creative Director was the showroom suite of apps including these versions for Buick, GMC and Cadillac. Along with other things, users had access to shopping tools including an interactive vehicle configurator. iPhone and Android versions of these apps were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.


REFLEX Control

The REFLEX™ Controller was a revolutionary new concept in video gaming – replacing one joystick with a trackball offered players an unfair competitive advantage for certain types of games, namely first person shooters. As co-inventor of the product, I was involved in every aspect of the product and it’s marketing, including: branding and website creation, investment plan writing, promo sheet design, video and photo shoots, etc.


Newman/Haas Racing

The crown jewel in the client list for the studio I founded was Newman/Haas Racing – one of the most successful teams in IndyCar racing. The partnership between actor Paul Newman and auto racing magnate Carl Haas saw vast success with drivers like Andretti, Mansell, Fittipladi, Bourdais and Rahal. After fostering the relationship, I designed, developed and hosted their world-class website, often reaching 15 million or more visitors a month.

Personal Project

Board Butler

Board Butler™ is a patent-pending device I invented to keep game boards laying flat. It started as a simple notion that I fleshed out into a full-fledged concept to prove market viability. Drawing from my extensive research and testing experience, the initial prototypes evolved into a novel apparatus that truly enhances gameplay experience.

Personal Project


Greet-o-matic® is a patented product invented by my son when he was just 10 years old. Together, we developed and brought the product to market through a successful Kickstarter campaign. We made multiple TV appearances, including winning $5,000 on the Steve Harvey Show.